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Cholesterol Rem-D
This is our top seller to help reduce both the LDL cholesterol and triglicerides.  The carefully chosen ingredients help both to lower bad cholesterol and inhibit its production.  Results are usually noticeable within one month.


Niacin (Granular) 50mg.
Policosanol (fron Sugar Cane) 10mg.
Gugulipid (10% guggulsterones) 100mg
Plant Sterol Complex (40-45% beta-sitosterol) 200mg.
Cayenne (40M HU/G) 50mg.
Garlic (herb powder) 50mg.
Rice Flour, Steric Acid, Magnesium Sterated, Silica, and Microcrystalline cellulose.

Suggested to be taken one capsule twice per day. 60 capsules for a month supply.

Weight 1 oz

Extra Virgin (Non Flavored), Piña Colada, Mango, Lemon Lime