The First Modular Phone

What is Modular Phone?

We explored new frontiers in technology to create an immersive functionality that takes you to make a perfect phone for you. We stripped away what traditionally used to exist in traditional phone. We redefine what a perfect phone should be.

We used to be curious about everything It is this curiosity that pushes us to break boundaries

6.4" immersive full display

Would the future of smartphones be like what we see in sci-fi films, a mere display? We believe the future is here, starting with the full display design on Si SIX. Its ultra-high screen proportions on a 6.4" display pushes pixels closer to the edge of the phone.

Reattach-able Body Parts

What a time to be alive. now you don't have to change the whole phone just because your front camera, back camera, batteries broken. just buy the part you broken and si six will be as good as new

The Only Phone You Need

The only thing you need from phone is modular hardware.

CEO Mark Smith

 6.4″ immersive full display

 4400mAh battery

 Full ceramic body

Full NFC functionality

Snapdragon 821

16MP PDAF camera